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SET Piura Hydratant Concentrate (serum) + Piura Oasis Oil Deze maand met 15% korting: samen van €46,20 voor €39,27. Actie geldig tot 31-07-2020. Ga nu naar de SHOP en plaats je bestelling. Mix & Meng: neem 1-2 pompjes serum op je vingertoppen. Voeg 1-2 druppels Oasis Oil toe, meng het geheel en breng aan op [...]

BEAUTY@home 2

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Take extra good care of your skin now that you can't go to your beautician. Ask your Piura Beauty Salon about the various home care kits it has put together for you, or contact info@piura.nl. The illustration shows the new MINIs of our new cleansing range: Delicate Milk Cleanser Comfort Oil Cleanser Balancing Lotion Roses [...].


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Give your skin at home an extra boost now! 💜 Mask Royal 💜 Is your skin gray, pale, tired, a little neglected? Can your skin use a boost? Give yourself a mini-facial at home with Mask Royal. This mask contains numerous intensively active vitamins and nutrients that support skin functions and strengthen the skin. Contains [...]

Discover the new Piura Stream of the Ocean cleaning line

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Renewed active ingredients Improved formulas Extra mild for sensitive skin Natural active ingredients Natural fragrance experience Introduction: When purchasing a cleansing + lotion now temporarily 10% discount To take advantage of this: contact a Piura Salon in your area. No salon nearby? Send a message to info@piura.nl with what you want [...]