Dé Beauty Blemish crème voor een perfect egale huid

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Natuurlijk mooi met dé Beauty Blemish crème voor een perfect egale huid. Piura BB Cream is een foundation en verzorging in 1. Tevens bevat Piura BB Cream een basis UV bescherming plus voedende en hydraterende werkstoffen. Ga naar product >>> https://youtu.be/eRW_vr_QTsI

Vitamine C, een belangrijk vitamine voor de huid

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Vitamine C is een belangrijk vitamine voor je huid. Het beschermt je huid niet alleen tegen schadelijke factoren van buitenaf, zoals uv-straling, maar zorgt ook voor een frisse en jeugdige huid. Vervaagt de zichtbare schade door de zon en oppervlakkige pigmentvlekken Verfrist de doffe, vlekkerige huid Een krachtig antioxidant: de huid wordt beschermd tegen irritatie, [...]

That's why Piura Skincare

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Piura Skincare in your salon? Follow the 1st part via online training, then part 2 in our Training Centre. We have an accessible entrance. Ask about the possibilities! https://youtu.be/FvgNxino8E0  


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The hands are extra heavy with all that washing and disinfecting. Watch the video of Hanny from Studio Purmerend for tips to pamper your hands a little extra. The Piura Skincare products she shows in the video: Mask hydratant, Cream Oasis and Oasis Oil Website Studio Purmerend >> https://youtu.be/a39S4MR9CXE  

Skin-improving massage for at home

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With this instructional film our trainer Joyce shows you how to keep your skin in good condition. This massage does not replace the treatment you get in the salon, but is a good support and follow-up after your treatment in the salon. Your Piura Beauty Specialist can explain these handles to you 1 on 1 and [...]

Your Beautician

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She takes care of your relaxation. She makes you glow. She takes care of your skin. With passion She now gives away her mouth masks for free Help her survive this time. So that she can take care of you again. Buy your products locally. She was there for you. You were there for her too? Share this, tag her, to everyone ...

The sun, skin cancer and other skin disorders

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Information afternoon for beauty professionals: The sun, skin cancer and other skin disorders. No less than one in five people in the Netherlands is diagnosed with skin cancer, making it the most common form of cancer. Every year about 55,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer. Annually about 1000 people die from a form of skin cancer. These figures [...]

New lipbalm: 100% natural and VEGAN

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100% natural For soft, moisturised lips Nourishes dry, chapped lips and chapped lips Vegan: free of animal ingredients (including beeswax) Free of paraffin, dyes, flavours, parabens, perfume Discover Piura Oasis4Lips! Order directly >> Important ingredients: Olive oil, Berry wax, Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax, Castor oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Vitamin E.

Member of the Beauty Trade Professionals Supplier Association

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Piura Skincare (P&B Cosmetix) is part of the Beauty Trade Professionals (BTP), the supplier association for the professional beauty sector. As a supplier organisation, Beauty Trade Professionals is committed to the professionalisation of the sector on many fronts. In recent years BTP has developed into a multimedia company with wonderful projects and initiatives, including two trade fairs, the online platform [...]. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)