Washable, organic cotton pads

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That's convenient! Washable, organic cotton pads. Natural super soft fabric made of bamboo is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. A gentle way to cleanse the skin. Effectively cleans (together with cleansing product) waterproof make-up and leaves your skin smooth, soft and clean. Make-up Remover Pads Organic 'cotton pads' Washable & reusable Environmentally conscious [...]

Animal testing free, what does that mean?

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We often receive questions about the term 'non-animal testing'. And you also read all kinds of messages about it, often missing the complete story. Let me be the first to respond to this by saying that I find the term 'animal testing free' meaningless these days. Why is it so meaningless? Testing is not allowed in Europe these days. Point. But, um... there used to be tests on [...]

The Spoon Theory

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In addition to the previous post, in which we draw attention to Mariëlle's situation in her fight against Lyme, I took the time to read her post on facebook in which she explains her illness by means of the spoonfuls theory: I have chronic Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, ME/CFIDS (chronic fatigue syndrome), PDS (irritable bowel [...].

Help Mariëlle to beat Lyme

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29 years old, in the prime of her life... you'd think... Diploma of beauty specialist in her pocket, but life decides differently. This is Marielle's story that touched me personally. Marielle van der Boon, 29 years young, student in my group of the beauticians course. With a lot of effort, some extra guidance and above all [...]

Reinigt een olie beter dan een zeep?

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Reinigt een olie beter dan een zeep? Verstopt dit niet mijn poriën? Wordt mijn huid niet nog vetter? Met Piura Velvet Cleansing Oil hoef je je hier geen zorgen over te maken. Deze bevat goede plantaardige oliën, die de ‘slechte’ vetten en vuil van je huid ineen handomdraai verwijderen. Welke huidtype je ook hebt, de [...]

Zontip 3

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Ook wie goed smeert, wordt bruin! En ook met een factor 50 wordt je bruin, het gaat alleen wat geleidelijker. Bovendien: Je wordt veel mooier en egaler bruin en je hebt minder last van vervellen. Benieuwd naar onze zomerproducten? >>>