Piura Skincare, a Dutch brand.

We are a Dutch brand. Because the products are produced in-house as well as nationally, you experience another dimension within our company: the creativity of the product development process and all the processes involved.

We develop products especially for the professional market. In addition to products for home use, we develop various products for the special treatments in the Piura Salon.

We are convinced that it is important to make healthy choices when it comes to your skin.
The skin has its own forces to take care of itself and to recover, skin care should support these forces. Maintaining beautiful skin, improving skin condition and creating a natural, beautiful look is our starting point.

To escape life's fast-paced train, relaxation is important in its own time. In this fast-paced time with many sources of information, some reliable but unfortunately also with many misleading promises, At Piura you can rely on honest, pure product development and clear communication.

Nothing is closer to you than your skin,
it's the loyal friend of the journey of a lifetime.

Be good to your friend...
it tells the world who you are!

Bianca Moscoso

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Saludos, Bianca from Piura


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