Information day for beauty professionals: The sun, skin cancer and other skin disorders.

No less than one in five people in the Netherlands is diagnosed with skin cancer, making it the most common form of cancer. About 55,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year. Approximately 1000 people die each year from a form of skin cancer. These figures are high. So how can we prevent skin cancer?

You, as a beautician, can certainly play a major role in this. Like no other you know your client's skin and you can signal changes therein. That is why we organize this information day, especially for beauty professionals, given by a Dermatologist who is a true expert in this field. After this day please share your knowledge with your clients. The more awareness, the better we can prevent skin cancer.

For whom: Every beauty professional
Date: Wednesday June 3rd 2020
Location: Zwaag, NH
Interested? Register in advance. We will keep you informed