Naturally, your skin is supple, soft and resilient. When we are young, the skin controls everything itself, the cells are in good condition. The skin constantly renews itself, new skin cells are built up from the inside and shed on the outside. This way the skin constantly renews itself. Unfortunately, this process is disrupted by various external and internal influences; the skin loses its strength and flexibility and the skin functions deteriorate. Over time, the skin becomes weaker, the skin loses its moisture faster and we see our skin aging faster. Your skin currently needs stimulating (spa) treatments with high-quality and powerful ingredients.

Piura Advanced goes a step further and contains products and treatments that have been developed with the most advanced technology and ingredients. High-quality approach for those who only wants best for their skin. Pure and high-performance ingredients that stimulate your skin to repair and improve. Piura Advanced gives your skin a youthful appearance like never before and offers clear benefits against aging.


The professional deep cleansing of your skin.
The help with skin problems such as impure or damaged skin,  scars and hyperpigmentation.

  • Peeling, cleansing and purifying
  • Improves skin structure
  • Brightening on the skin tone
  • A fresh appearance
  • Anti-aging

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Photos before and after.
Photographed and treated by:

Beauty Salon: Look’s & Beauty, Echteld

Photos before and after.
Photographed and treated by:

Salon Femme, Enkhuizen


A smooth, silky skin within reach!
Removes dead skin cells, refines pores, reduces comedones and
impurities, intensive hydration, skin renewal & anti-aging.
Including special activating massage & mask.

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Discover the direct lifting effect of Supreme Lift!
Significantly reduces lines and wrinkles, gives an immediate feel
and tightening effect and ensures a tight jaw contour and lip line.

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Connective tissue massage is a skin-improving treatment for the face and improves the condition of the skin. Wrinkles, scars, fluid retention and other skin problems can be considerably reduced with this massage. The blood flow in the deeper tissues is being activated, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This makes the skin look younger, smoother and firmer!

Discover the power of the deep tissue massage in a total treatment in promotion of a healthy blood circulation, a better skin condition and absorption of the active ingredients.
Piura deep tissue massage, the natural "facelift"!


Cupping is an ancient tradition in South America and Peru. With the Piura Cupping massage we work with silicone cups where, just like with the traditional method in Peru, a vacuum is created. The massage has a relaxing and healing effect. It loosens adhesions, it removes waste and moisture and brings oxygen-rich blood to the stagnant muscles and skin. Discover the power of the Piura cupping massage for your skin!

Different Piura Salons offer this treatment. In addition to the treatment in a Piura Salon, you can also perform it yourself at home.