With Piura Beautiful you choose wonderful beauty treatments for skin care and skin repair. From accessible entry-level treatments and skin care treatments to luxury treatments for those who want more.


Highly recommended for your first introduction to Piura Skincare and the Piura Beauty Salon. During this introductory treatment, the Piura feeling becomes completely clear to you. After a wonderful foot bath with natural oils, you will be immersed in the Piura Wellness feeling through the Piura Relaxation Intro, a relaxation ritual where all senses are stimulated by scent, music, warmth and atmosphere. Enter a totally different world for a moment, the world of Piura. Away from your busy life, No thoughts, no worries. Let us take you on a journey, a journey along the fresh coast of Peru, towards the sweltering desert. Feel the warm sun, enjoying the desert oasis. Experience the beautiful natural beauty of the Andes and the Colca Canyon and the green Amazon full of exotic plants, flowers and especially delicious fruits. Experience the scents of nature, and don't forget the tranquility .. Thereafter, treatment is continued. Your Piura specialist will explain the concept to you and after a professional skin analysis a treatment specially adapted to your skin will be given. During the rest of the treatment your skin type and condition will be taken into account at the time of the treatment and the right products will be used.


Relax and enjoy various BEAUTIFUL facials that are specially tailored to your skin and wishes. You can opt for a compact treatment or an extensive treatment, consisting of a relaxation ritual, surface cleaning, deep cleaning, moisture treatment, mask, massage and after treatment. Can be booked for 45, 60, 75 or 90 minutes.


Purify Treatment is a cleansing facial treatment, specially developed for the young Piura lovers. The treatment is entirely focused on the problems of this young skin, working with the Purify products from "Treasures of the Earth".


Even those with a smaller budget is welcome in the Piura Beauty Salons.
Beauty must be achievable for everyone!



An important step towards skin repair and improvement.

Intensive masks with natural herbs and plant oils for optimum results. The ultimate treatment for the skin that needs extra attention.

With the masks, the treatment can be focused on intensive hydration, nutrition, stimulation of blood flow, energy, sedation, detoxification and cleansing or anti-aging. Your skin is strong again and functions like never before. And ... your daily care is absorbed better by the skin.


The ultimate anti-aging treatment.

This treatment is a fusion of relaxation and skin improvement. This treatment also starts with the Piura Relaxation Intro. The fragrance experience and relaxation ritual ensure double enjoyment. The highest quality active ingredients give your skin the perfect anti-aging treatment. Your eyes and neck receive extra attention. Your skin is vital and is fully restored to its strength!


A special skin-stimulating "shock therapy" treatment with surprising elements that stimulate healthy blood circulation in your skin.


Your skin is struggling in winter time. Exposure to cold air makes your skin more sensitive, the inclement weather makes your skin drier and sharper. Time for extra nutrition and comfort! Choose this special winter treatment during the cold winter period. To keep your skin in good condition during winter time, it is important to adjust your daily products that you use at home. The Piura Specialist can advise you on this.