With Piura SpaDreams you opt for wellness treatments. That is relaxation at its best!
All wellness treatments are introduced with the Piura Relaxation Intro, a relaxation ritual. During the first few minutes of the treatment you immediately feel all the tensions slip away. You can also choose from various natural scent experiences that will surround you during the entire treatment.


The Hamman of the Andes. The treatment for relaxation, wellness and experience! You will be taken on a journey of relaxation, surrounded by wonderful scents that you choose yourself. The treatment itself ensures very deep skin cleansing, detoxification and nourishment of the skin. At the same time it provides an unprecedented sense of comfort, pampering and relaxation.

The treatment steps: fragrance experience - scrub ritual with pure sea salts - soap ritual for deep cleaning - massage - after treatment with rich natural oils.

Feel the energy and fitness flow back into your body!


A special experience: a massage performed with the hands and special massage rollers, which give the massage a deeper and more intensive effect. The massage itself feels relaxing, while you feel that it gives much more effect than a "normal" massage. Ideal for regular stress, tension and muscle pains in the back, neck and head and muscle nodes. Also for athletes or with chronic problems.

Rose Quartz Massage: a true experience!


Hot stone massages were used centuries ago by the Incas, Indians and Maori for important rituals and / or healing treatments. Enjoy a wonderful massage with heated (basalt) stones and oil. The massage has a deep relaxing effect on body and mind. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, making them supple. In addition, blood flow is extra stimulated, so that waste is removed more quickly. The relaxing and healing effect of the Hotstone + massage is a unique experience. A blessing for body and soul.


Cold stones help to cool the body and prevent swelling, among other things. The balance in the massage between the hot and cold stones makes it a unique experience. This massage form is even more profound. Waste materials that cause blockages are loosened even better and are better disposed of.


A nice massage for face and body with magnets for a relaxing and deep-acting effect.

This massage relieves tension throughout the body. Thanks to the light, yet functional ironing, you can relax and discharge better. The magnets themselves provide an improvement in the blood circulation so that waste products are better removed. This brings the body into peace and balance, after which the body can take in new energy. A beautiful and especially delicious massage that has a deeper effect and offers more relaxation.


For everyone who wants an effective relaxation massage, for the entire body or a partial massage, such as for example the back, shoulder and neck. At Piura, the massages are always preceded by surface cleaning and deep cleaning (scrub treatment), so that the active ingredients of the massage products can work even better. No half work at Piura Salons!


Take good care of your feet. After all, they also take good care of you!
A foot treatment consisting of: an aromatic foot bath, scrub treatment, callus removal, nail care. Finally, you can enjoy a relaxing massage and nail polish (french manicure, color lacquer or clear lacquer). The Wellness Feet Luxury treatment includes a foot mask with high-quality active ingredients that bring your feet and lower legs in the highest condition, while you can relax yourself.


Your hands are constantly exposed to harmful external influences, such as UV rays, water and cleaning agents. It is not without reason that the hands betray the age. Take good care of your hands by choosing a Wellness Hand treatment, consisting of: an aromatic hand bath, scrub treatment, nail care. Finally, you can enjoy a relaxing massage and nail polish (french manicure, color lacquer or clear lacquer). The Wellness Hand Luxe treatment includes a hand mask with high-quality active ingredients that bring your hands to the highest condition, while you can relax yourself.