Ampoules Vitamin C


Vitamine C  is een belangrijk vitamine voor je huid.
Not only does it protect your skin from harmful external factors, such as UV rays, but it also keeps your skin fresh and youthful.

  • Fades visible sun damage and superficial pigmentation spots
  • Refreshes dull, blotchy skin
  • A powerful antioxidant: the skin is protected against irritation, inflammation and pollution
  • Improves the natural healing process, causing red spots to fade after pimples
  • Increases the efficacy of a sunscreen product and provides the skin with better protection against UV rays.
  • Provides a fresh, clear look

Contents: 10 pcs or 3 pcs

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Vitamine C Protects the skin against free radicals caused by harmful external and internal influences and stimulates the production of collagen. The Piura Ampoules Vitamin C contain an active ingredient complex with stabilized vitamin C (with fruit acid and lactic acid) the skin is better against harmful influences from outside protected and fights free radicals. Cell activity is stimulated and the formation of new collagen fibres is accelerated. Suitable for all skin types. Suitable for all skin types.

Important ingredients: Vitamin C, Fruit acid, Lactic acid.

Additional information


10 pieces, 3 pieces


Apply the entire contents of 1 ampoule to the face, neck and décolleté. Then apply your cream. Tip: take a tissue and break the ampoule with it. Use the entire ampoule in 1x, once it has arrived you cannot store the ampoule.

For a good cure: use 10 pieces in a row, 1 per day.
Repeat after a month. Or take a course once every quarter or six months.

More information

The glass crushing ampoules contain highly concentrated active ingredient concentrates - true beauty elixir - that you use after your cleansing, under your day care.

Whereas Piura serums support daily care within the firm skin care routine, the Piura Advanced Ampoules focus on special targets in the skin.
Valuable active ingredients that provide intensive and targeted care for the skin, depending on the type of ampoule, to improve the skin structure, protect the skin against damage caused by environmental influences, UV radiation and free radicals or ensure the right moisture balance.

When the ampoule is applied to the skin, it immediately dissolves in the skin fat and spreads into the upper layers of fat between the cells. Because the tiny droplets of active ingredients are stabilized and enveloped in a layer of fat, they form small spheres (lipids and ceramides). These beads travel down through the fat layers.
By the time they reach the basal cell layer, the shell is dissolved. The vitamins are then released where we need them: in the basal cell layer.

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