Become Piura Partner

Do you want to distinguish yourself as a Beauty Professional?
Are you looking for an unique skin care line with maximum skin improvement?

Discover Piura Skincare and be surprised by the possibilities!

Piura Skincare is suitable for the beautician who:

  • chooses for a combination of natural and skin friendly

  • wants to distinguish themselves with a unique concept

  • values collaboration with her or his supplier

Dutch brand

Piura Skincare is a Dutch brand. Because the products are produced in-house and in the Netherlands, you experience a different dimension within our brand: the creativity of the product development process and all other processes involved. We develop products especially for the professional market. In addition to products for home use, we develop various products for the special treatments in the Piura Salon.

With over 20 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, Piura Skincare is a solid and experienced partner for you and your salon.

In this modern time with many information sources, various reliable but unfortunately also with many misleading promises, with Piura Skincare you can trust an honest, pure way of product development, clear communication and short lines of communication.

We are more than just a beauty supplier! We believe in cooperation and partnership.
We are happy to help the piura beauty therapists in their company where necessary and share our knowledge with our specialists.


Training Center

Because we develop our products in-house, we also develop our own treatments and massages. Complete with a broad training program, provided by experienced teachers. in Zwaag (NH) provides several trainings for the products, treatments, massage techniques, sales & marketing.

In addition to the Piura training courses, you can follow eve more great specializations and techniques at Such as Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Micro Needling, Honey Connective Tissue Massage, Deep Massage with mineral stones and even an interesting training about Nutrition & Skin.

Read more about this on the website:

Piura Trainings

  • Kennismakingsuurtje

  • Starting training A

  • Vervolgtraining B (incl. glycolpeeling)

  • SpaDreams & Results (C)

  • Refreshtraining

  • Bio Peeling

  • Perfect Skin & Supreme Lift

  • Advanced Training Peelings

  • INCA Facial Massage (lifting & pressure points)