Ontdek hier de trainingen, speciaal voor de Piura Beautysalons

with Piura Skincare
Starting training A

Een training voor Schoonheidsspecialisten die met Piura Skincare gaan starten in de salon. Deze training gaat vooraf met een webinar die je vanuit huis kunt volgen, vervolgens 1 dag training in ons trainingscentrum

Deze training is dus een onderdeel van je start met Piura Skincare. Je krijgt inzicht in de filosofie van Piura, de werkstoffen, de producten en de behandelingen.  Wij bieden je allerlei tools waarmee je na deze training aan de slag kunt gaan. In deze training zit ook een praktijkgedeelte; je leert hoe je de Relaxation Intro (ontspanningsritueel) kunt geven en de Piura Discovery (kennismakingsbehandeling) en de Beautiful behandelingen. In het praktijkgedeelte werken we zoveel mogelijk op elkaar, soms werken we met modellen.

with Piura Skincare
Follow-up training B

Deepening- Cases - Exercises - Repetition - Bottlenecks - Herbal Masks - Glycol Peeling

After the Start training A and the start with Piura in your salon you have gained experience with the basic treatments and your customers have now become acquainted with the world of Piura. Time for the sequel! We are going to look for bottlenecks. We also look at the products and treatments through exercises and cases from skin problems and skin concerns. Then we take a closer look at all the issues that you encounter. After the theory part, it is time for practice for extra practice, including the Herbal Masks and Glycol Peeling. We work together as much as possible, sometimes we work with models.

Herbal Masks with natural herbs and plant oils. You can focus the treatment on intensive hydration, nutrition, stimulation of blood flow, energy, soothing, detoxification and cleansing or anti-aging.

The Piura Glycol Peeling effectively removes dead skin cells. It ensures faster uptake of new drugs and stimulates cell renewal. They are easy to use in various treatments.

with Piura Skincare
Training C: SpaDreams (Rituals & Results)

A combination of the Piura creative rituals concept and also help in your salon and sales.

Piura SpaDreams:
– 100% natural
- compile yourself and adjust to every customer
- a complete wellness concept for face and body
- makes every treatment a true experience

In this training we focus on facials, combined with wellness parts to make every facial a special experience. We look back on the previous training sessions and see what else we can support you with.

  • Unique fragrance experiences
  • Work safely with the Essences
  • Relaxation rituals
  • Cleansing rituals
  • Experience & Results

Training for Piura specialists, accessible after Start training A has been followed.

with Piura Skincare
Refresh Training

Refresh - Cases - Bottlenecks - Summer / Winter treatment

You have already had the Piura Start Training A and Follow Up Training B and Training C and have been working with Piura Skincare for a longer time now. This training is ideal for attending periodically (for example annually) to refresh your knowledge and to get ideas. Variation in your treatments and a brainstorming session with colleagues. Time for a frequently refresh!

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING! A large part of this training is tailored to the needs of the participants. For this your input is requested in advance. In addition to going through the desired items, all new products are treated. We also coordinate the practical part with the needs of the group and current events / season.

Training for Piura specialists, accessible after training A, B and C.

Piura Advanced
Bio Peeling training

The professional deep cleansing of the skin.
The help with skin problems such as an impure or damaged skin, scars and hyper pigmentation.
Years of research results in:

  • A Bio Peeling, unique in its kind
  • New ingredients for distinctive act of work
  • A diffferent approach in the treatment:  unique pre-treatment, massage and after treatment
  • Creativity in the treatment
  • Accessible entry
  • 100% natural
  • with BioScrubs: organic and ecocert certified
Beauty from the Amazon Rainforest

For an impression of the results >>>

Piura Advanced
Perfect Skin & Supreme Lift

Piura Perfect Skin
With Piura Perfect Skin, a silky soft skin is within reach. The result is a unique combination of ingredients in this product line, special massage and complete treatment. These products and treatment are an excellent alternative to fruit acids and glycolic acids, with comparable exfoliating results, but therefore a natural and safe, but highly effective skin-peeling active ingredient. The active substances ensure a continuous removal of the dead skin cells (in every product) and thus for a continuous skin renewal. Adjacent active ingredients guide the skin renewal process and ensure healthy and well-functioning skin.

Piura Supreme Lift
Tired and mature skin is given new life through a synergistic interaction of an innovative drug complex. The direct lifting effect makes the skin smoother, fuller and regains its shine. Direct lifting - Smoothing - Wrinkle filling - Anti-aging.

You will learn both treatments in 1 training.
Both lines consist of a complete salon treatment in the form of a cure. Plus a special products to support the treatment.

Piura Advanced
Advanced Training Peelings

In this training you learn more about peels and the background information about this.
You learn the difference between the various peels, the strengths, possible combinations with them and very important: the effects on the different skins. An important follow-up and refresher / refresher training when you are already working with the Piura Bio Peeling and Glycolic Acids. To get even more out of your peeling treatments, to better understand what is happening in the skin, so that you can better determine per treatment which treatment you will use and how.

This training is accessible and relevant for Piura specialists, after the Follow-up Training B and Bio Peeling Training.


- Fascinating and educational in-depth training with practical examples.
- An interesting training where you learn a lot from other experiences.
- The training is given with love for the profession.
- Very happy that I did this training.
- Not only I have received a boost, but also my customers will soon get a big boost!


INCA Facial Massage

Piura Advanced
INCA Facial Massage

In the Piura INCA Facial Massage the emphasis is on lifting and skin improvement.
We use multiple techniques, reduced by the view of the Incas, the Indian tribe of Peru. In which respect is shown for the skin and its self-reliance. Although the massage is lifting and skin improving , the client will experience an intense relaxation. Highly recommended for the Piura Beautician who wants to give more emphasis to the philosophy and background of the Piura Skincare product lines and treatments and to expand her or his "basic" facial massage.

Training for Piura depositors, after Start Training A has been followed.